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Monday, April 5, 2010

5th of April 2010

Life is boring. Life is boring. Life is boring. Life is boring.
School is boring. School is boring. School is boring. School is boring.


So, if life is so boring, SCHOOL IS FREAKING BORING, we should add some fun to it, correct?

Yeah, so, we did our usual thing. CRAPPING, CRAPPING, CRAPPING.
We sat in a group, the seven of us.

Pek Khee was talking about her birthday party. Oh, well, we're picking who to invite and who to not.
Eugenia was adding some juice to the party with dances and some songs.
One thing that pissed Pek Khee the most, is that whenever we talked about the party, we'll drift the topic to somewhere else.

Pek Khee: Why are we talking about guys wearing skirts right now? We're suppose to talk about the party.

Pek Khee: HEY! Back to the party. Don't go to Bar pulak.

Pek Khee: We're talking about the party. Why go to guys putting on make up?

There were many other times when Pek Khee wanted to talk about the party when we were talking about something else.
Well, we got fed up too!

Eugenia: What do you wanna talk about? WE HAVE ALREADY FINISHED TALKING!
HAHA! So, there you go. Our joke of the day. :D

-Michelle again-