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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catching up with Min Ning

Oh yeah, I found myself so kindhearted nowadays. *lol*
Min Ning prefer posting her obsession instead of what happened on APRIL FOOL'S DAY!
Anyhow, I'm going to post it for her.

*Prank 1*

So, we started the fooling thing during recess.
I told Oh Pek Khee that Mrs Lee wants to see her. *it was actually Eugenia and my idea*
She believed it, but my wrong, I couldn't help laughing.
THANKS TO MIN NING for adding the ENCORE, Pek Khee knew it was entirely fake.
So, yeah, we blew up.

But the brilliant me, found another way to April Fool Pek Khee.
Me and Eugenia walked slowly, finding a prefect that we could trust to April Fool her.
I spotted Christina then. So, I pulled her to a corner to tell her the whole story.
Well, prefect gives a lot of juice when it comes to Mrs Lee.
Pek Khee didn't believe it at first, but SHE HAD TO in the end cause our act was FREAKING GOOD! *LOL*
So, she made her way with Min Ning to Mrs Lee's room in the end.
Eugenia and me were laughing hell and we totally forgot our plan to stop her before she gets there.
So, I rushed to the stairs and kept on laughing when we saw Pek Khee.
Pek Khee got the clue that she was pranked and came down screaming and scolding us over in class. LOL!

*Prank 2*

Pek Khee wrote with a marker pen on a piece of paper.
KISS MY ASS. I forgotten. KICK MY ASS maybe.
I don't know which to which but I am sure she written both separately on two blank papers.

The usual stuff, we stick tape on it.
Pek Khee pretend to ask Rangeet something, but she was actually sticking the paper at the back.
She turned around laughing when she had done it.
So, we head off to Science Lab.

*Prank 3*

So, KISS MY ASS or KICK MY ASS was occupied.
The other paper has to go to somebody, correct?
So, we planned to target Kit Mun.

We, asked her to come out. I roughly remember how the dialogue goes.

Pek Khee: Did Mrs Lee call you up to her office? *sticking the paper at her back but it wasn't sticking right*
Kit Mun: Call me? For what?

Pek Khee: There, she even called Eugenia. Asked me about the volley thing.
Eugenia: Yeah, did she call you?
Kit Mun: Why did she call you? You're not in the volleyball.
Me: They were under 18, so, they might know some stuff about volleyball.
Pek Khee: Yeah... Yeah... Kit Mun, you lean against this wall please. *just to make sure the paper sticks*

I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I saw Pek Khee so desperately wanted the paper to stick. But I managed to get serious at last by finding something to say.

Me: Rama lost her jersey right?
Kit Mun: Rama?

Pek Khee: Yeah, she was crying this morning
Eugenia: Maybe it's because of the jersey that Mrs Lee called us.
Pek Khee: Alright, we have to go to Science Lab.
Eugenia: April Fool.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Kit Mun knew the Mrs Lee thing was a prank but she didn't notice the paper actually.
We laughed so hard like nobody's business.
She finally got the paper from her back and laughed to herself as well.


*The Library Incident :)*

Okay, Min Ning couldn't stop crapping.
After saying each and every sentence, she has to end with April Fool.
UNFORTUNATELY, Pek Khee got affected with her virus. So, she was CRAZIER than usual.
Both of them couldn't stop crapping.
Poon, Lai Mun and myself couldn't stop laughing.
It was like we're stuck in a maze of laughter.
We couldn't even concentrate well on our work.

Lai Mun: Could you just SHUT UP!?
Me: Don't let me slap you to shut you up!

No effect. Pek Khee was still blasting like as if the library was not a library.
Add on with Min Ning's side effects, we were totally stuck at the same question.
Finally!!! Eugenia found a totally effective way to keep Pek Khee's mouth shut!

Eugenia: You make a sound, I'm gonna pull your hair till you're begging for mercy.

Eugenia grabbed Pek Khee's hair. Instantly, Pek Khee shut up.
I don't know which joke came up and Pek Khee just let out a small laughter, Eugenia pulled her hair so hard.
Pek Khee was even laughing in quietness. LOL!
OH GOSH, the library was so QUIET! Peace at last!

Alright, once we're done, we kept on making Pek Khee jealous cause she can't let out a sound but WE CAN!
Back then, Lai Mun was even begging her to speak, but she wouldn't want to.

After finishing everything, we kept on making sounds. Pek Khee buried her face into her hands and tried to sleep.
Maybe because of quietness for too long, she felt there was no need to make a sound. LOL!
We took our pens and drew all sorts of DECORATIONS on her hand.
Well, I'm kindhearted, I just drew something on her hand and head back to my book.
The others couldn't stop drawing. Pictures!

I know, we are just natural in this! LOL!